Citrus Springs Master Homeowners Association
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Village C (Key Lime Cove)

Village C is also known as Key Lime Cove, consisting of 58 single and two-story estate homes on a tropical quarter acre to one-third acre lots. Many homes are pool-homes. Each homeowner is responsible for the maintenance of their property. The community consists of retirees, as well as many young families with children currently ranging in age from three years old to college-aged students living with their parents. The Village is located near a canal and two ponds. We are a popular stopping and feeding spot for many exotic birds such as Sandhill Cranes, Eagles, Osprey, Snowy Egrets, and Ibis to name just a few.

Quarterly assessments are $230. These assessments cover community expenses to include the maintenance and upkeep of the berm and common areas around the community. Common area and berm services include cutting, weeding, insect control and fertilizing lawns, trimming trees and hedges, as well as maintenance and repair of the entrance gate and irrigation system for the common areas.

We are a self-managed community run by seven (7) elected board members.

Village C (Key Lime Cove) entrance


President: Daryl Sollars
Board Meeting Activities Contact, Flag Pole Maintenance and Repair

Secretary: Virginia Rinehart
Board Meeting Activities Contact, Records Management, Village Notices

Treasurer: Phil Chadeayne
Gate Codes and Maintenance Contact, Repainting Key Lime Sign Contact, Storage Locker Contact

Director: Vincent Clarke
Lake Maintenance Contact, Irrigation

Director: Robert (Bob) McLean
Landscape Contact Includes Pesticides and Fertilizing, Holiday Decorations


ARC Chairman: Barry J Sachs

Appeals Chairman: Jeff Davis